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ABM Teaching Guide | An Enchantment of Digital Archaeology

The Appendices to Shawn Graham’s An Enchantment of Digital Archaeology fashion a uniquely accessible teaching guide that not only envisions NetLogo as a digital archaeological tool, but also introduces the basics of creating a digitally networked environment packaged in a simple archaeological agent-based model.

As detailed in An Enchantment of Digital Archaeology, the varying levels of programmable interactions in NetLogo — made flexibly to apply to contexts across the natural and social sciences — lend digital archaeology a productive environment for visualizing and exploring networks at both micro and macro stages. Supplemented by three pre-written model codes easily accessible here and on our GitHub, “Tasks for Golems – Building an ABM” is an introductory guide which intentionally incorporates a space for failure and revision and allows users at either the student or professional level to make the jump into digital enchantment.

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