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Berghahn Digital Archaeology supports the transparent accessibility of any code or program used and/or incorporated in the digital projects found on this site. To view, download, or suggest updates for items related to any of our projects, please visit our GitHub page and repositories.


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As the field of digital archaeology continues to expand, we are turning to question what the inclusion of computational methodologies, virtual landscapes, or digitally designed or enhanced collections can offer traditional publications. Informed by evolving practices within archaeology, this platform of digital interventions curates what our authors can showcase when given the option to textually de-limit any supplemental material that supports or amplifies their work.

Berghahn Digital Archaeology was conceived through the inauguration of our series, Digital Archaeology: Documenting the Anthropocene, which you can read more about here. Our core outset, the Digital Projects portal, provides a space for intersections in digital and print to grow, update, and, in some cases, productively fail before, during, or — uncommonly so — even after the publication process. We invite you to Stay Connected with us not only for updates to our Archaeology List, GitHub, and Blog, but also for a chance to first engage with any developments from our authors concerning their projects.

Created by Berghahn Books, an independent publisher of distinguished scholarly books and journals in the humanities and social sciences. 

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Digital Archaeology: Documenting the Anthropocene

Series Editor:
Andrew Reinhard, Cultural Resource Management (CRM) Project Director for Metcalf Archaeological Consultants and Research Affiliate at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World (ISAW), New York University